Department of Botany celebrated “World Environmental Day”

Under IQAC Initiative, Department of Botany, our college celebrated “World Environmental Day” on this occasion Department has invited Dr. S. B. Devarnavadagi (Rtd Prof and Dean. Agriculture college, Vijayapur) as chief guest and inagurated the function by the watering the plant, Along with President Dr. Tammanna Y. and Dr. JayashreeBeerappa IQAC Co-Ordinator. The chief guest Dr. S. B. Devarnavadagi shared his views such as global warming its causes and effects of urbanization, How the plants are useful in medicine and he gave the message that is planting more saplings for ecosystem restoration. The President of this programme Dr. Tammanna Y. gave the presidential speech. Miss. Soumya Shetter HOD Botany did welcome Mr. M. R.Kanganal HOD History introduced the chief guest. The programme by hosted by Bhagyashree Ullagaddi and vote of thanks was given by Tejeswani Katadagi. Total of 18 teaching staff and 50 students were participated.

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