Political Science




Political Science is the science of art which studies the state, government and all political activities of man in society. This subject is aimed at to create scientific approach towards public affairs in the minds of students and to prepare an enlightened and responsible generation of citizens and good administrators with value orientation and commitment to the larger interests of the society and the Indian State.


Political Science is one of the key subjects established to inculcate in the minds of the students the qualities of compassion, tolerance, humanism and patriotism and great concepts and principles of great philosophers, gender equality and inter-communal harmony in a plural society to build a transparent, accountable and responsible good governance system.


  • To Increase knowledge of the political science discipline; it’s principal theoretical frameworks and applications, and its interrelationships with the other social science fields.
  • To increase understanding of basic facts and concepts of political system, including its history, philosophical, constitutional and legal foundations, leading political values and ideas, governing institutions, and policymaking processes.
  • To increase knowledge of diverse political systems around the world, including empirical area-based knowledge; broader theoretical understanding of different political systems, institutions and processes; and the changing domestic and global contexts within which they operate.
  • To increase recognition of the major problems, the leading policies, and the legal issues confronting contemporary political systems.
  • To increase acquisition of citizenship skills, ethical values, and the ability to understand and appreciate human diversity; and to engage in community life as active citizens.
  • To increase development of writing skills through research papers, essay exams, senior projects in political science topics, and collaborative research/writing opportunities with faculty.
  • To provide opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to link theory and practice and to apply political science knowledge and skills to actual problem-solving and community service.
  • To increase awareness of career options available with an undergraduate degree in political science; its utility in the public and private sectors; and its value as entry into a range of graduate programs, teaching positions, and legal education.




Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Email ID Phone Number
1 Dr. Tarannum Jabeen MA, Ph.D Asst. Professor tarannumtaniya@mail.com 9980427512



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