“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” Rabindranath Tagore

Education as a discipline is taught at bachelor and master levels at different colleges and universities in India. It deals with the education system of a country. The study of levels of education, forms of education, educational policies, educational commissions & committees, educational budget, curriculum structure, evaluation system, educational agencies, education related laws & rights, educational management & administration, population & mass education, pedagogical studies, educational incentives, educational supervision, guidance & counseling services, student support services, historical development of education system in a country, educational technology and the like comes under the purview of the discipline Education. There are four pillars such as Philosophical, Psychological, Historical and Sociological foundations upon which the subject Education stands.


  • Our aim is to prepare learner-sensitive educators with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to contribute to a better society.
  • Strengthen and develop community connections and engagement through collaborations, research, service, and participation.
  • Support a positive and inclusive college climate by advancing equity, open communication, dynamic engagement and respect.
  • Advance and support opportunities to become culturally competent citizens with a focus on social justice.
  • Prepare and equip students to be critically reflective learners and practitioners [through efficient and effective processes] programs and curriculum optimize efficiency and effective practices.



  • Gain knowledge of the concept and process of education and realize the philosophical basis of education, and to realize the need and importance of education in human life.
  • Making the students to understand the meaning of social change and factors which effect social change and the different methods of social change .
  • Gain knowledge about Teaching technology, Teaching process, Measurements and evaluation and Role of committees in Education,.
  • To bring awareness about the problems of women education in India and its solutions.
  • Gain information about Constitutional Provisions in Education and Education for Women Empowerment.



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