Learning Support

Learning Support in Our School

The school welcomes students with moderate learning difficulties, in other words, students with special educational needs, provided that it is able to meet these needs and can enable each student to have the chance to fulfill their potential. The Student Support Services team of the Primary School works collaboratively with other team members, class teachers, specialist teachers, teaching assistants and parents to support learning and emotional needs of students. The team members help students through the use of variety of strategies. They work together to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. These support services support school programmes and to enhance student opportunities for learning. The services are designed to assist students both in managing curriculum requirements and in participating fully in school life.

Primary aged students with special needs are offered services at 3 levels. In Level 1, students are supported all the time in mainstream classes with differentiation in the classroom and students are withdrawn for less than an hour in a week. In level 2, the students are identified as having needs that require individual support for more than an hour but less than 5 hours. These students opt out of foreign languages. In level 3, the students seem to have significant difficulties to be supported in mainstream classes throughout so they are withdrawn for support for more than 5 hours and mainstreamed when they are ready.