Pivotal lecture on “How to Prepare for Civil Services and KPSC Exams.” : 18.09.2023

Under the IQAC Initiative, the Career Guidance and Placement Cell at BLDEA’s Smt. Bangaramma Sajjan Arts, Commerce, and Science College for Women, Vijayapura, hosts a pivotal lecture on “How to Prepare for Civil Services and KPSC Exams.”

The esteemed speaker for the event is H.R Bhimashankar, the Retired Principal Chief Commissioner of Central GST, Excise & Customs, Nagpur Zone, under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Drawing from his vast experience in the bureaucratic sector, H.R Bhimashankar provided insights into the expectations and responsibilities of civil servants, emphasizing the significance of perseverance and dedication in the journey. His talk also covered common pitfalls and challenges faced by aspirants and offered guidance on how to navigate them effectively. Through anecdotes and practical advice, he inspired many in the audience to pursue their dreams with vigor and determination.

The gathering is honored by the presence of Principal Dr. Y. Tammanna, who is accompanied by IQAC Coordinator Dr. Jayashree Birappa, HOD of English Department Prof. Tolanur, and Cell Coordinator Prof. Gururaj Kulkarni. The lecture garners significant interest, drawing in 32 faculty members and 119 enthusiastic students.

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