Hindustani Music

DEPARTMENT OF HINDUSTANI MUSIC   ABOUT THE PROGRAM Established in, 2011. Students had an opportunity to learn such a dynamic, divine and lively form of art. AIMS: Empower women to engross Hindustani classical music which is a powerful form of Read more

Women’s Study

DEPARTMENT OF WOMEN’S STUDIES   ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The department of Women’s Studies was established in 2012.The subject is one of the three optional. The department offers Women’s Studies for Bachelor of Arts.   AIMS : Enabling women to develop Read more

Home Science

DEPARTMENT OF HOME SCIENCE   ABOUT THE PROGRAM The department envisions to give the young women an insight into the practical,      social, economic, scientific knowledge and skills in the field of Textiles and Clothing, Food and Nutrition, Food Service Management, Read more


DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS ABOUT THE PROGRAM :- The Department of Statistics has been established in the year 1983. However, the teaching of subject Statistics is introduced Degree course of B.A, B.Com. The department is working up to the reputations of Read more


DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION   ABOUT THE PROGRAM “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” Rabindranath Tagore Education as a discipline is taught at bachelor and master levels Read more


DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY   ABOUT THE PROGRAM: BLDEA’s Smt. Bangaramma Sajjan Arts, Commerce and Science College for women was started in the year 1983 to educate and empower the women. At the same time Sociology subject was introduced in our Read more

Political Science

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE   ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Political Science is the science of art which studies the state, government and all political activities of man in society. This subject is aimed at to create scientific approach towards public affairs Read more


DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY   ABOUT THE PROGRAM The department of history established in 1983 The History Subject is most useful for the Students who appear for the Competitive Examinations and helps to enhance knowledge about our country, its cultural heritage Read more