1. “Evaluation of Rural Women Participation in Higher Education; Problems, Strategies & Empowerment – A case study of Vijayapur (Bijapur) District” by Prof. Smt. Laxmi M. Mundasnavar, Associate Professor in English.

  2. Problems and Prospects of Sanskrit Language at U.G level a Special Study with Reference to Bijapur District” by Prof: D. Y. Uppar,S.G.L in Dept, of Sanskrit.

  3. Minor Research Project on “A Study for Development of Strategy for e-banking with special reference to ATM Users in Bijapur District” by Prof. D.B. Koti, Department of Commerce.

  4. “COMPUTER APPLICATION IN SPORTS MANAGEMENT” by Smt.N.S.TORGAL, Physical Director, Department of Sports.

  5. “Use and User perception of Electronic Resources in Degree College Libraries of Vijayapur District” by Shri.R.N.Patil, Librarian

  6. “Dr.S.P.Padma Prasad-A Literary Analysis” Dr.G.R.Mulimani, Associate Professor